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The first week on Rose's (as he had firmly and hopefully temporarily cemented it in his mind) TARDIS had been... tentative, at best. He'd made a point to show up three times a day in the kitchen and make food, usually enough for two. He would prepare it, set it out, and sit down to eat at the same three times every day, whether or not she showed up. When she did, he didn't comment, he'd just pour her a drink, set out a plate for her, and sit down to eat. Kept conversation light. 

He stayed out of the console room during the day, and only made two short visits to it, both around four in the morning. Kept his hands to himself, didn't say anything, just sat down on the steps, leaned his head against the railing, and stared, whispering to her and listening to her whisper back.

He stayed away from the room that had been his as per her request, stayed away from the things she'd put away that belonged to him. Not a him, not her him, but him specifically, not that she knew that. Not that he intended for her to know it for some time. He didn't actively search for either things, nor for where she might be sleeping. 

In short, he toed the line.

It probably freaked her out a bit.


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